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See a secret...share a secret...This is some pretty tough reading

The Dancing roommate

Accidents do happen

End of the World mpeg

Interesting Color Trick

DJ Darth Vader

Average on-board flight captain?

Worst Album Covers Ever

Dukes of Hazard and the chickens answer back to chick-fil-A's no beef campaign?

For Sex Addicts

Read the guys sign in the back

Check out this Right Brain/Left Brain Test

One Lion, 42 Midgets, What do you think happened?

How to dance like a white guy (2M)

Blaupunkt's HIlarious Bassin' Commercial - Long Download

This is for all the porn freaks out there - Warning! You might want to turn the sound all the way down.

New Michael Jackson Video

Mr T and the reason why his singing career didn't work.

Star Wars Episode III - Redone a little.  Try and find the changes.

Bush and the DRAFT

Search Urban terms, write your own definitions, vote on others

Sex Music?

European dude with lot of free time!

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard

Jeff Gannon Male Prostitute

Good Balloon Prank

PMS Warning System

This kid can dance - Dave "Elsewhere" Bernal

Some people don't listen. If there's a taser pointed at you, it's best, you do.

Santa's Little helper

What were you doing on 12/15/2004?  Well check these Big Wave surfers out

Dave Chappelle and President Black Bush

Shake The Snow Globe

3 Year Old Genius

Fastest Video Gamer in the World!

Farting Preacher (3M)

Tidy up - IKEA commercial (2M)

Coolest Car in the world (4M)

IKEA Time to Leave home? (2M)

Ever want your own personal bartender?  Well here ya go.

Quick Thinker, Sticky Situation - 2mb (careful opening)

Ashley Simpson busted lip syncing on Saturday Night Live -  Accidentally played the first track twice

Oldie but Goodie - Y2KHAI

How to play piano with your balls

How not to Water Ski

One Star Wars Kid with Mad Skills

Good marketing! (takes a bit to download)

If you like animals, this video is a must!  Well worth the download time!

I think this ninja really hurt himself

Stick Figure Olympics

Will Ferrell as President Bush shoots it straight in this well put together commercial - Long Download, but well worth it

Giant Attacks City Game!

Dodgeball Cartoon Game.  Test your skill

Bush and Kerry sing "This Land is My Land" together.  Takes awhile to download

Can you count to Schfifty-Five

Funny Mike Tyson Quotes

Surfer?  Support a Surfer's Dream!  Check these guys out

Monkey Cliffdiving

Another Game:  Archery.  Practice shooting the arrow as far as you can.  Then go against another person.  It can get bloody.

Try flying a Cartoon helicopter.

Super Greg is King of The Decks!!  Don't miss the Video Section!

Honda Accord Commercial (Every Part is used)

Great movie downloads

How much do you drink?

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